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What a stunning piece 3309 is. Would make an excellent ring or pendent. 

Ct. Wt. 11.5

Dimensions 20mm X 14mm

Fire Agate from Deer Creek

Forget diamonds: there's a much more passionate and unique gem out there for you. At Studio Rock Shop, we believe that there's a special fire agate out there for everyone, and you are no exception. Piece #3309 is Deer Creek fire agate that is yearning to be set as a ring or pendant.

Deer Creek Fire Agate

The Deer Creek region is found in Arizona, one of the only places in the world where fire agate can be mined. This semi-precious gemstone is found only in Mexico and the southwestern United States. Fire agate is actually more elusive than the diamond or even the opal, despite being much more affordable than either.

The Deer Creek region is famous for its fire agate, so with piece #3309 you will see the intrigue and depth that has captivated rock hounds across the world.

Your Fire Agate

When you look into a well-cut piece of fire agate, you will feel like you are looking into your own heart. This elusive type of quartz looks like it has a flame dancing within it due to the highly volcanic environment in which it was formed.

Like people, each fire agate is different, and cutting a fire agate well requires a high level of skill. The fire agate serves as a reminder to many that with the appropriate development, they too can follow their passion so that the fire within them can be seen. This gem is said to inspire creativity, and it is certainly a reminder of the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer!

Whether you're looking for an affordable stone for a ring that will symbolize the passion of your relationship with a special someone or you're searching for inspiration to chase the sun, there's a piece of fire agate waiting just for you.