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What do I do with a fire agate? 

Many of you are curious about what you do with just a "rock." Some people like to collect fire agates, others like to find a jeweler and create their own unique custom piece. We have a list of recommended jewelers just contact us. 

All about agates

What is an agate?

Agates are semi precious gemstones and are either formed from volcanic lava or sedimentary rock in replacement of a formal mineral (Pabian, Jackson, Tandy, & Cromartie, 2006).  Throughout history agates have served mankind. For instance agates were used as tools in the Neolithic period as arrows, spear points, and needles (Pabian, Jackson, Tandy, & Cromartie, 2006). Additionally, agates were and are still used for the purpose of jewelry.  Ancient Egyptians, Romans, the French, and Mycenaean people are just a few groups who utilized such stones to create brilliant items.  There are thousands of types of agates throughout the world and these specimens can be found in most countries.  Each and every agate is its own unique piece, unlike other common gemstones (http://www.agatelady.com).

What are fire agates? 

The fire agate is a relatively new jewel and was first documented in Arizona and California during the 1940's.  Mexico has also unearthed such specimens.  Eventually carvers and cutters would learn how to uncover the iridescence and array of colors found within them (Newman, 2014).  This semi precious stone gained its name, as many people feel that they are staring into a mesmerizing fire (http://www.yourgemologist.com).  All Fire agates have a brown background. Pricing for fire agates is based on how many vibrant colors they carry.  In regards to the Mo's Hardness Scale fire agates can range from a six to a seven.  Fire agates are a durable and sturdy stone (www.gemselect.com).  They can undergo everyday normal wear and tare without cracks or abrasion for many years once carved and placed in a setting.  Please note that as always Studio Rock shop ensures that all of the agates we use are free of cracks and that if you do any work to the stones after a sale we are not responsible for any damage.  However, if you receive an item from us and are not satisfied we will refund you the complete amount. 

Types of Agates

What is a Deer Creek fire agate? 

A Deer Creek fire agate comes from Deer Creek, Arizona.  Such pieces are usually shaped like a cluster of grapes and have more purple, green, and blue undertones (Newman, 2014).

What is a Slaughter Mountain fire agate? 

A Slaughter Mountain fire agate comes from Slaughter, Mountain Arizona.  This type of agate is known for carrying very strong and vibrant shades of red and is similar to a Deer Creek fire agate in having cluster like shaping (Newman, 2014). 

What is a Mexican fire agate? 

Mexican fire agates are found in certain parts of Mexico and are unique in that they have a massing of mixed colors throughout the center, and have brown edges (Newman, 2014). 

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